The Importance of Security Guard Services

• Visible Security- Being considered “soft targets,” it’s important to have visible security acting as a deterrent to those wanting to inflict harm on others. While many people automatically think of police fulfilling this role, the fact is police cannot provide 24/7 protection to every business or venue. Due to this, companies turn to private security guard services to offer visible security. While patrolling the premises longing for anything or anyone suspicious, employees, facilities, and customers can be much safer.
• Video Surveillance- As technology has become an even more vital part of security guard services; video surveillance has come to the forefront to be utilized in a variety of ways. Along with being used to monitor physical patrols of buildings and grounds, it’s also used extensively to look for fraud or malpractice from staff.
• Citizen’s Arrest- When a security guard sees a crime being committed, they’re trained to make a citizen’s arrest. It is a way to detain a suspect until police arrive, it’s vital to have the training needed to do this correctly in order that no legal questions arise before, during, or after the arrest is made. As a result, most security guard services offer in-depth training on how to make a citizen’s arrest, in an endeavour to comply with the law and protect those who need it most.
• Patrolling – Rather than running patrols on regular schedules which will be simple to work out, at random generated schedules are utilized in conjunction with digital technology to supply higher levels of police work. Whether or not it’s finding suspicious persons, noticing unsafe obstructions, or recognizing fires and alerting 1st responders, watcher services are providing a superb and necessary service in an unsafe world.
• Emergency Alert- Handling varied types of emergency situations is also a very vital role for guards to play to keep businesses safe. Whether it’s a fire or injured employees or customers or dealing with a bomb threat, guards must be trained to handle these situations in a calm way. Along with this, all guards should be trained to perform basic care, and are also trained in how to properly evacuate a building in case of the fireplace.
• Armed Guards- No matter, what type of weapon a security guard carries, extensive training is required to access these weapons.
Security guards are everywhere and doing best to keep the world peace. That’s where Falcon for Security comes in for-hire professionally trained and certified guards for all your security guards requirements.

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