Executive Protection Services

High Risk Zones Protection
When traveling through areas that may impose medical, political, terrorist or other personal risks, it's important to be sure that you and your belongings are fully protected. FALCON Security's high-risk operators have been through highly sophisticated training to ensure they are prepared to deal with the complex situations that can arise in high-risk zones.
FALCON Security is a long term security provider in hostile environments to government, non-government and commercial clients. Because of our strong network of experienced professionals, we design security programs that are fully aligned with national and international law. FALCON Security tailors our security services to ensure your program needs are exceeded with best in industry standards.
To learn more about our specific areas of security expertise find below:
• Close Protection Services
FALCON Security close personal protection teams are highly qualified, specially trained professionals. FALCON Security provides close protection operators who make the difference. Our philosophy is to find harmony between necessary protective steps, appearance, operational requirements and our clients' activities. In an industry that is one of the oldest in human history, it is important that the balance between needs and posture are in perfect harmony with each other and this is what FALCON Security delivers to our clients.
Incorrect security postures, or ineffective assessments of needs, can destroy your plans of development, private relations or company reputations leading to an even higher threat, increased costs and additional efforts to correct previous actions. It is FALCON Security's close personal protection teams' obligation to assess your needs, threats, and possibilities to ensure the best solution for implementing a balanced, cost effective, reliable and long term service that improves the safety and the success of our customers' future.
• Residential Protection
FALCON Security compound and residence protection security officers are the foundation of our business. All operators are uniquely qualified professionals, as well as highly trained customer service specialists. Our teams can be constituted of multinational members or locally recruited professionals. We offer supervisors and specialists to complement an already existing guard force. No matter what their position and duty, each member of the FALCON Security team knows he or she represents our clients business or family.
FALCON Security has the versatility to exceed a variety of clients needs, we have professionals who are experienced working in VVIP homes such as in Monaco, or in high-risk areas such as the Middle East or Africa. We create no restrictions, only solutions.
At all times, FALCON Security compound and residential security personnel treat you and your valued invitees with respect, professionalism and dignity. We are available to provide you with personnel in any country or region. Our operators and supervisors protect your premises under any circumstances.
Our services include:
1. Uniformed or Civilian Protection
2. Armed or Unarmed Teams
3. Multinational, Mixed or Local Teams
4. Quick Responds Security Services
5. Hotel Security
6. Private Residence Protection
7. Perimeter and Access Control
8. Health and Safety Video or Electronic Surveillance Operators
9. K9
10. Dog Handler Services
11. Airport / Aviation Security
• Maritime Security
Piracy is growing at rapid speeds reaching unprecedented levels. Multiple worldwide organizations are doing their part to increase the safety of masters, ship owners and companies. FALCON Security has been ensuring the peace of mind of their clients at sea since 2009. Whether for the merchant navy or your private yacht, FALCON Security's maritime professionals have you covered.
We provide security onboard and in harbors around the world. Our multi-lingual maritime security operators have extensive training in maritime security and adhere to all international maritime standards. We have contacts in every international harbor making each embarking/disembarking a seamless experience.
• Transport Security
FALCON Security protective transport services were created to fulfill the needs a wide variety of logistical companies, ideal when transporting goods into war torn countries, or in countries where theft is unavoidable. Our protective transport security specialists integrate themselves with your logistical convoy either by road, air, water or railway. We can assist with multilingual supervisors and operators allowing transport companies to easily pass check or control points.


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