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FSS Cash Solutions is the first licensed leading provider of integrated cash management solutions in Syria, with true coverage, FSS provides services to a diverse range of businesses including large financial institutions, government departments, national chains or local retailers. 
We are the suppliers of your choice. Our unparalleled infrastructure means we can provide you with a service to meet your needs, however specific they may be and at your convenience.
FSS Armored Transportation service 
from bank deposits and change funds to ATM cash replenishments and coin delivery, FSS has been providing secure transportation through protecting businesses from the risks associated with handling cash and other payments.
FSS’s is the standard by which all others are measured, and is the recognized symbol for security on the streets. Here’s why:
Unsurpassed security: It starts with our vehicles. I, the FSS armored truck is a veritable vault on wheels, staffed by dedicated professionals with industry-leading security and firearms training to ensure secure transportation and protection for your valuables.
Strength and stability: Security and reliable service are more important than ever as increasing levels of crime and cash shortages can have a severe and long-lasting impact. FSS’s is built on a foundation of strength and stability, ready to weather today’s economic conditions—and tomorrow’s—with the same level of quality and reliability for which we’re known.
Advanced technology: We leverage the most advanced methods in secure logistics and communications to strengthen our unrivaled reputation for safety and security and to ensure the quality service that defines the Brink’s brand.
Nationwide coverage: Our fleet of more than 2,300 armored cars in the U.S. transport millions of dollars in cash and deposits each and every day at locations across the country.
Integrated solutions: Brink’s armored trucks serve as the backbone for FSS’s accelerated credit products, FSS’s iDepositsm and FSS's Daily Creditsm, as well as cash-handling innovations such as FSS's CompuSafe®, all of which integrate seamlessly to create a comprehensive cash management solution.
Comprehensive protection: FSS's armored service is backed by the most comprehensive All-Risk insurance in the business.
FSS's Cash in Transit services deliver tangible benefits that help your business succeed, How?
Risk management: With FSS's secure transportation service, you can make your place of business a less attractive target for criminals by removing excess cash and limiting your exposure to internal and external theft. You’ll also eliminate the risk of transporting cash yourself—a risk that not only threatens your cash but your personal safety as well.
Increased productivity: When you're not transporting cash or dealing with security issues, you're free to focus on what really matters: your business. And, with the heightened sense of security that comes with using FSS’s armored cars for deposit and cash transportation, your employees will feel safer and more protected—and will be better able to do their jobs.
Cost savings: When you outsource secure transportation to FSS, you reduce your reliance on expensive, in-house risk management processes and the additional training required to prepare employees to deal with security issues.
Improved customer service: Good customer service includes protecting customers and their money. FSS's armored trucks deter criminal activity by reducing cash on hand and visually assuring customers of your commitment to their safety
Greater peace of mind: Cash handling endangers your employees, your customers and your business. But with FSS, you can sleep better at night knowing you've transferred that risk and the liability associated with cash transportation to the most trusted name in the business.
Tracking: Nearly all of our cash carrying products CViT and Non-CViT can be fitted with a tracking unit using GPS, GSM and GPRS together. Linked to a computer software platform, which can be accessed via any computer with the correct security handshakes and code.
below are the list of services we offer to our clients to learn more about how we can help your business:
Cash and valuables transportation (CVIT)
Secure storage and retrieval
Special services
Cash processing
ATM outsourcing

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